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A Phenomenon in the Making:
Daniel Adar's
Breakout Book


English Translation

About the Author

Daniel Adar, renowned for challenging religious and anti-scientific thought, first captivated the literary world with his debut novel, “A Bubble at the Bottom of the Sea.” Initially published in Hebrew, Adar’s entrance into the realm of literature was met with enthusiastic acclaim, marking the arrival of a distinctive voice enriched by a life of diverse experiences and profound insights. 

Born Daniel Edery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Adar's early years were steeped in the rigorous study of Torah and Talmud, under the guidance of his father, a prominent Orthodox Rabbi. Despite this deeply religious upbringing, Adar’s early life laid a complex foundation for his eventual embrace of atheism, illustrating his willingness to question, explore, and redefine his beliefs, and reflecting a spirit of inquiry and independence that would define his life.

In the early 1980s, he moved to Israel, a transition that not only marked a new chapter in his geographical journey, but also marked a significant shift in his intellectual pursuits and set the stage for his future as a fervent, outspoken thought leader and a beacon of secular and scientific enlightenment.

At the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Adar immersed himself in the worlds of his passions, physics and politics, which heralded the beginning of a lifelong engagement with activism. As a young adult, Adar began to make a name for himself as a political debater and a public speaker for the Spanish-speaking community in Israel.

Adar’s activism is perhaps most visibly demonstrated in his pioneering efforts in veganism in Israel, where he organized some of the first vegan protests outside a McDonald’s in Tel Aviv. His radical departure from his meat-rich Argentine heritage to a staunch vegan lifestyle underscores his dedication to animal rights and environmental consciousness.

Beyond his advocacy for veganism, Adar is a staunch defender of human rights and equality. His critical voice against Israeli politics and international political figures highlights his dedication to social justice, a theme that permeates his work and activism.

Adar’s influence extends into the digital sphere through “Beliefs & Consequences,” a weekly podcast he hosts that he co-founded with his wife, Yolanda. The podcast, which has amassed over 100 episodes, offers insightful discussions and interviews, and attracts a global audience of Hebrew speakers, eager for Adar’s unique perspectives on a myriad of topics.

Adar’s frequent appearances on news programs and his engaging lectures are renowned for their knowledgeable, humorous, and direct takes on a wide array of subjects. With a presence that echoes the influential Christopher Hitchens, Adar is poised to become one of this generation’s leading figures in anti-religious thought, challenging conventions with his sharp wit and profound insights.

In addition to his literary and activist endeavors, Adar is a talented artist, creating intricate drawings in pencil and ink that reflect the same depth and complexity as his written and spoken words.

Currently residing with Yolanda in Israel, Adar is the proud father of two sons: Shay, a Ph.D. in Biology, and Gal, an entrepreneur. As he continues to work on his forthcoming series of books and expanding his podcast audience, Daniel Adar remains a formidable figure in the realms of religious, ethical, and intellectual discourse; relentlessly pursuing truth, justice, and enlightenment, and is committed to challenging, inspiring, and engaging minds across the globe.

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San Francisco Times

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Book Signing
Jul 03, 2023, 7:00 PM
The Little Book Store,
500 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA


Author • Activist • Podcast Host • Public Speaker

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